Letter to our Stakeholders


The Integrated Report briefly illustrates how Gentili Mosconi creates value in the short, medium and long term.

Letter to

Letter to
the stakeholders

Dear Stakeholders, after the challenges of the global pandemic, 2021 saw general market recovery, and our company grew by over 31% on 2020 – almost returning to pre-pandemic levels. This compares to a 6.6% growth in GDP across Italy during this period. 

We are very proud of this result, which confirms the stability of the company and our strong position at a national and international level. Despite these results, the future remains uncertain and we will continue to face challenges in 2022. The scarcity of raw materials and the increasing time needed to obtain them is an issue, while the rising cost of gas and electricity has become a real concern. 

However, we are doubling our efforts and investments to maintain our market position. In these times of unexpected economic and social difficulties, we must not lose sight of our responsibility to our workers, the environment and the communities in which we operate. 

The achievement of our goals is dependent on close collaboration with all our stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers. By working together, the company and the whole world connected to it will benefit from a more sustainable future. 
Read the integral version in the report 2021.


Our decision not to close, and to keep investing in the continuous improvement of our products and in the development and growth of our employees, has paid off.

It has been prepared in accordance with the principles of the International Integrated Reporting Framework (). It includes both financial and non-financial information.


The sustainability report is a tool that helps us measure, report and communicate our impacts on the environment, on the supply chain and on people.